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Thinking of a unique tattoo-try a Tattoo in Hebrew

It is not uncommon for tattoo enthusiasts to seek a new experience after trying different concepts. However, some of the selections on offer are quite weird and might give the impression of deviance. So, why not try a modest yet unique concept that blends with the mainstream trends while preserving your sense of identity and expression? Why not consider a Tattoo in Hebrew?

Why get a tattoo in Hebrew

Hebrew is an ancient Middle Eastern language that has been the preserve of the Jewish community for several years though several other people speak the language. Just like Arabic, Jewish calligraphy is elegant and stylish and appears exotic and is a far cry from the vulgar tattoos that some people opt for in order to project their identity. Typically, Hebrew calligraphy runs from right to left unlike English and other European languages that run from left to right. It is advisable for anybody who is seeking a Tattoo in Hebrew to be affiliated with a translator. A translator will assist with Hebrew Tattoo translation and also offer tattoo options that fit with one’s character.

Associating with a translator is important as most tattoo artists do not understand Hebrew and could easily design the calligraphy running in the wrong direction. This can be mortifying especially if one is to encounter Hebrew speakers. The tattoo would make the bearer a laughing stock among such people and could force one to conceal it. Now, no one wants to invest so much money for a unique tattoo only to be forced to conceal it due to poorly designed calligraphy. What’s more, the cost of having it removed and replaced with the right style can be prohibitive. This is why one ought to consult a Hebrew Tattoo translator before having it designed. Do not fall for the temptation to copy a beautiful design on the web and rush it to your designer for designing without even understanding its meaning.

Hebrew tattoo translation at Hebrew Tattooing

Luckily, your-hebrewtattooing.com is offering Hebrew tattoo translation services to tattoo enthusiasts who wish to imprint Hebrew designs. All clients need to do is to copy the design and send it to them for scrutiny and suggestions before presenting it to the designer. They will explain its meanings and offer suggestions for alterations and formatting. This is because Hebrew alphabet looks awkward when written along the wrong direction. The support at Hebrew Tattooing consists of translators, who will help translate your Tattoo into Hebrew and set up the characters for you. Moreover, they give clients 50 different fonts for design so that clients can choose the style that suits them. Their rates are relatively low with one word going for only $4.99 and $9.99 when one includes a nikud. They also help clients choose phrases and verses that represent their wishes or philosophies. All the consultation for verses and phrases is free and ensures that clients get the right option before paying for the design. Overall, Hebrew Tattooing is offering a unique service that is going to excite many tattoo enthusiasts.


What you get from us?
•Professional and courteous service
•You do not pay before we can guarantee a perfect service!•An accurate translation
•Your choice of a beautiful design
•Huge selection of font choices
•Extra speedy service

How our service works?
Very simply, you decide to do  tattoo in Hebrew, excellent!
Tell us the words or phrase you want translated and we will tell you if they would actually translate into Hebrew correctly.
Free initial consultation service!Once we agree on the wording you can select the font type you want it (without limitation) from the font catalog you will be sent.
Finally you will get from us a pdf with clear instructions on which direction the wording should run in, horizontally and vertically. you can enlarge the pdf file to any size you want, print it and go to your tattooist quiet heart

Price list

$4.99 To one word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

$9.99 for 2-3 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

$14.99 for 4-5 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

$19.99 for 5-7 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

$29.99 for 7-10 word in Hebrew, without/with nikud.

" Your Hebrew Tattoo is the only website that truly invests in efforts to please her as customer. We have hundreds of translations into Hebrew behind us and therefore we have accumulated knowledge and experience there is no any similar service in the world. We will be happy to help you with any questions or requests for translation into Hebrew tattoo. Our service is the fastest and most inexpensive in the network. Contact us now and in a few hours you will have the Hebrew translation of your new tattoo! "

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